Snookie and Jwoww from MTV’s Jersey Shore seen out in NYC

January 12th, 2010 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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Snookie and Jwoww from MTV's Jersey Shore seen out in NYC

Nicole Polizzi aka ‘Snooki’ and Jenni Farley aka ‘Jwoww’ from MTV’s Jersey Shore seen outside La Pomme restaurant in the Flatiron District in Manhattan to attend the after party for the movie Youth in Revolt.

Jersey Shore is a MTV reality show which reminds you of “The Real World” , The house inhabitants love to party, throw around the word “Guido”, tan, and they all work for thier landlord who owns a shop on the shore. The reality show so far has involved several fights, alot of laughs (you REALLY have to check out Mike “The Situation” on there, and the recent Ronnie fight was insane!)! Bottom line is if you haven’t watched this show yet you definitely need to give it a chance, if anything for the laughs and sheer stupidity of it all!

Snookie and Jwoww from MTV's Jersey Shore seen out in NYC

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3 responses

  1. melis

    i looove snooks..however,her damn shoes are always big on her…ALWAYS. and i also like jwoww,but her shoes are alwats small. her ugly long toes are always hanging out the front of the shoes. eww. this is the 6th photo ive seen of her with her french fries hangin out her shoes. hahahaa ewww.

  2. Donovan

    no jwoww ix cute i like her and snooki and her friend dina is crazy lol and i hope sammie get the best of her soooo??

  3. Donovan

    sammie need s to beat her up :)

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