Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry – and she liked it

September 8th, 2008 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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“I Kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry (read more about Katy here) and “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus got cute and cuddly at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on September 8, 2008. Miley even gave Katy a kiss!


Scroll down to see Miley Cyrus’ rendition of “I Kissed a Girl.” (We love how Miley’s mom reacts to her daughter kissing Katy…)


No word yet as to whether or not either Katy or Miley were wearing cherry ChapStick…

Miley Cyrus kissed Katy Perry - and she liked it, 3.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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45 responses

  1. vana

    well idk! it’s true my sister told me that she did kissed a girl so don’t u worry i’ts just somrthing that girls do!

  2. hayley

    that is so gay miley cyrus even though you are a dumb rock star a stupid and fat

  3. kellly

    wow i hate miley cyruse i always knew she was gay

  4. janelle

    whoever said miley cyrus was fat is obviously blind.

  5. tia

    i love hannah she is awsome

  6. nicole

    Um yeah miley just does that with her friends. SHE IS NOT LESBIAN! Its really not that big of a deal. Any way even if she was like that we all know she wold have to be bi which i really doubt that she is. And she isn’t a bitch either. So stop dissing will you.

  7. sharon

    why would she kiss a girl

  8. starquest

    she needs to tone it down a bit

  9. dacamp

    she is so messed up! what a dumb 15 year old girl! are you nuts! what where you thinking!but i still love the climb!

  10. some random dude


  11. carla

    miley is the worst thing that happened to hollywood.she is ugly,rude,vulg*r & g*y.her influence on children is bad.if she is not g*y then,why does she kiss girls,all the time?i once saw her kissing ashley tisdale on the lips!
    she doesn’t deserve to be called a good girl because good girls dont prove their beauties by going half-n*k*d in front of the world.she might be famous & rich but,she is bad and rude.

  12. annie

    wow what’s wrong with her

  13. Kris

    Hey miley don’t worry about what those other people say i think that they are jelous

  14. Kris

    Iam like your biggest fan

  15. 2345454

    that is just gross and i think they both were wearing cherry chapstick and if not than katy

  16. tiana

    well, i say iz dat all yall said 2 much and yall jus need 2 chill let the girl jus go by her own life and let her do wat she wont 2 do.

  17. megan

    i think tht any one who thinks she is a lesbian or gay should leave her alone.i love miley cyrus so i think any one who calls her a lesbian or gay is either a lesbian or is gay!!!!


  18. andria

    you are gay

  19. mindyo

    Who cares its her life wat she does doesnt matter to u or me hey and its kinda hot

  20. jenna

    okay… well people its just on the cheek. me and my friends do that. plus shes not fat. at all
    and another thing, unless you personally know her, there’s no way that you can know shes a bitch. just leave her alone and love yo own life

  21. Makayla

    I am so mad! i wish miley cyrus could kiss me!

  22. fhm

    leave her alone she is not going to be perfict…and it would not matter leave her alone no one hates ellen

  23. 3647429

    miley talk 2 me when u get diis #

  24. Don't Worry!

    WOW alot of you guys are so dumb and need to get out more, Miley Cyrus kissing Katy Perry doesn’t mean she is gay it’s a pose alot of girls like to do.

  25. Someone

    Yea all u idiots out there who are judging miley need to
    Lay off cause your all
    Stupid and don’t even know the chick. And who really cares if she is gay. I’m not saying she is cause I like miley. But I don’t judge by gayness or not so leave her alone she doesn’t deserve to get trashed like this.

  26. Miley Michelle Stewart

    omG i wish my name wasnt Miley that why i added my middle name and Miley is sooo dumb because she kissed katy perry in FRONT of her mom and im kind of suprise to see the reaction of her mom…

  27. dana

    Um it was a kiss on the cheek calm you asses down.

  28. katie

    i love her moms expression! :P

  29. maryam

    People CHILL OUT! Miley only kissed her on the cheek-big f*****g deal..theres thousands of girls out there that do worse so go find another pass time instead of hating the stars for every move they make..get a life of your own coz as far as i no..these stars do have their own life and cudnt careless what the haters thought.

  30. jennifer

    did you kiss a girl

  31. jennifer love

    oh miley ur gay

  32. bla

    chill, people! girls DO this. i know, i’m a girl. for a girl, a kiss on the cheek is no bigger of a deal than a hug.

  33. Bridge

    Is that Miley and demi ohhhhhhh that is blah blah.I can throw up

  34. Lucy Pinder

    Well, i don’t think she’s a lesbian, but so what if she is? I think lesbianity is hot, and i don’t think her mums homophobic either, i think shes just jealous, i don’t think Miley is a bad influence on kids, i’m a lesbian, i snog my girlfriend and noone makes a fuss, i think shes just supporting gay rights! Also she kissed her on the cheek, me and my friends do that, as a friendly kiss! Exept my girlfriend who i tongue, so stop complaining!

  35. I'm a proud lesbian

    i agree with Lucy, i’m a lesbian too, Katy is so lucky by the way, also they both have beautiful feet, i’m surprised Miley didn’t kiss Katy’s feet! I wish they had snogged though, i’d love that, but they didn’t guys it was on the cheek, lots of girls do it, i kiss girls on the lips, u gonna call me a bitch?!?

  36. Anonymous

    jtm i love you miley je suis homo

  37. ttdatsme

    miley cyrus is not a lesbo!! she mite be a bisexual person..but i dont really think shes straight girlz only..come on now be serious

  38. ttdatsme

    i hate haters!! yall are jus hating on miley yall are juss madd that yall dont have the spotlight or the glam like she does!!

  39. ttdatsme

    miley cyrus is a great girl if i was famous i would probally try her
    *your biggest fan* love u miley

  40. mtkman01

    wtf its not like she was making out with her or anything, she just kissed her on the cheek.

  41. mtkman01

    not a big deal at all.

  42. kendoman

    whats wrong with a girl kissing another on the cheek? so much pork nosing.mileys got a great character,so dont bedevil her. thanks

  43. jenni

    calm ur asses dwn everybody kisses girls doncha kiss ur mommy like katy and miley do doncha bitches

  44. punk princess

    i agrre with the girl jenni i bet u guys kiss ur mommys feet aha u heard me

  45. pk

    wow no biggie deal abt miley kiss a girl she kissed on cheek not on lips dang ppl grow up

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