Latoya Jackson, sister of deceased Michael Jackson

June 26th, 2009 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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latoya-and-michael-jackson-2Latoya Jackson has always been the weird, wacky sister of Michael Jackson.  With Michael Jackson’s death being the main story, it’d be wrong not to remember those siblings that he grew up with.

Having been the younger child, she was never able to perform with her brothers but she did form a group with her sisters Janet and Rebbie.  The group never went anywhere though, and ended up not even releasing one song.

Even though Latoya and Michael had issues sometimes, she seemed to genuinely love him and now with Michael Jackson’s death, its time for mourning and prayers to the Jackson family.


Latoya Jackson, sister of deceased Michael Jackson, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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5 responses

  1. Cindy

    “Having been the younger child, she was never able to perform with her brothers but she did form a group with her sisters Janet and Rebbie”

    This is inaccurate. LaToya was older than Michael. She’s 53 and Michael was only 50. The truth is that even though all the Jacksons can sing, Michael was the most talented followed by Janet.

  2. Name

    Michael Jackson was very tiny. LaToya is 5’0″ and they’re both wearing heels here. That makes MJ barely 5’3″1/2 That was his real height. You can see LT on MAD TV @YT and see how tiny she was.

  3. simone


  4. R.

    Micheal Jackson was 5’11″, not 5’3″1/2. His real height was confirmed in his mug shot years back when he was arrested for molestation.

  5. mystery

    why the heck does la toya care? she never cared about him, she went against him on the child melostation accusations. she said that he didn’t have any friends but he did, he had many that were supporting him and he had his fans. he was truely a legend. the tabloids tried to knock him down but he would just get back up and smile even after all the crap he had to take from other people. he donated more money to charity then most people have. he cared and loved for his children. i do believe other people were involved in his death and it makes me sad to think that the king of pop is no longer with us but he is in a better place where he gets the respect that he deserves and where he can be himself withouth the stupid publicity making rude comments. michael didnt trust anyone except his mother. he deserved much more then he got. we miss you michael. you will always be in my heart, rest in peace!
    -your biggest fan

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