The Fonz Still Looks Good

December 18th, 2008 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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The Fonz was probably the coolest guy on TV in the 1970s. Women loved him, he could control mechanical objects with a click of his fingers and jump sharks. Although he was just a car mechanic, you got the impression that he pretty much ruled Milwaukee.

What made the Fonz extra likeable though was that he had a few chinks in his armour – namely his shyness around Mrs Cunningham (Mrs C) and his love of the Lone Ranger.

Hey – it wouldn’t be right to devote an article to Fonzie without mentioning Henry Winkler – the real man behind the legend.

Henry Winkler was born in 1945 after his Jewish parents escaped Nazi Germany. Unlike his Italian alter-ego, he is highly educated with degrees from Emerson College and Yale. Happy Days was one of his first TV acting roles and soon he became the most popular star of the show despite the studio’s efforts to promote Ron Howard (Ritchie) as the lead character.

After Happy Days finished, he directed and produced TV shows. He also continues to take guest roles on screen. Perhaps his most notable appearances of recent years include Scream and Holes.

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