Diane Lane and Josh Brolin at the”W” NYC Premiere

October 15th, 2008 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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Diane Lane and Josh Brolin at the”W” NYC Premiere

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin at the”W” NYC Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown.

“W” is a movie directed by Oliver Stone and is a chronicle of the life and presidency of George W. Bush. The movie stars Josh Brolin (as the president) Elizabeth Banks (as Laura Bush), Richard Dreyfus (as Dick Cheney) and Thandie Newton (as Condeleezza Rice) The cast and crew also received some press for a bar fight!

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin at the”W” NYC Premiere

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4 responses

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    [...] an interesting twist of fate, Josh Brolin’s flick W. did not come out on top this weekend according to studio estimates on [...]

  2. Beach Girl

    OK, seriously – what on earth is wrong with Diane Lane’s eye? It’s the left one? She looks a little off…..but usually she’s quite attractive. Brolin looks smok’n hot! Does Diane have a dislocated eye? He could’ve smiled more while holding his wife. Weird.

  3. Beach Girl

    “W” Bombed because everyone hates Bush! Not many people like Oliver Stone. Brolin was on the D-list over a year ago & has a short fuse with people! But who cares – “W” was predicted to fail by insiders anyway. Brolin will likely get an Oscar nomination for his Bush Role. He’s a stunning actor!

  4. movie dude

    Josh Brolin did a convincing Dubya, though it reminded me a lot of his cowboy character from No Country for Old Men… over all, i don’t doubt that ‘W.’ will have the effect Oliver Stone desired

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