Rihanna and new boyfriend Matt Kemp in Mexico

January 5th, 2010 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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Rihanna and new boyfriend Matt Kemp in Mexico

Rihanna with new boyfriend L.A. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp in Mexico at one point he smugly looks at the cameras and grabs her butt.

Rihanna and new boyfriend Matt Kemp in Mexico

It’s been almost one year since the incident involving Rihanna and her then-time boyfriend Chris Brown where Chris Brown brutally attacked the star just before she was to make an appearance on an awards show.  The whole ordeal was highly publicized and a public service type announcement was also made using the 911 tape and details of the attack to help other people being abused. Currently Chris Brown cannot be within so many feet of Rihanna by court order along with him performing community service.

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Rihanna and new boyfriend Matt Kemp in Mexico, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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23 responses

  1. What the Hell?

    Okay, is this something to be advertising? Soon he will be knocking her out. Where is the dignity and respect for self. This picture is not cute!

  2. What the Hell?

    And he’s looking like, YEAH… I’m tapping this now.

  3. DeShawn

    I think that it is very ugly and very disrespectful!!!!!

  4. Celeb Toast

    They look very cute and happy together!Good choice Rihanna! He’s hotter than Chris Brown.Good luck to both of you.

  5. terry

    i think its a good thing or choice for her to be with some1 who cares about her,but being touched her buttoms like that………is like shes trying 2 show chris brown that she’ve moved on.just do it simple RI…

  6. vania

    if you happy go for it don’t worry what people may say all the best

  7. Sablanjae

    She a HOE!!! end of story.

  8. Eirca

    Dang! Rihanna went on to the next one just that quick. But idk, he looks like he’ll hit her to at one point but I could be wrong. Good luck Rihanna!!!

  9. cris

    chris still her girl friend back

  10. cris

    i dont like this guy , rihanna and chris should talk things over and come

  11. cris

    this guy is a cheat, i hate him…………….

  12. AnonymousChic

    I think that she is happy and thats great, but I don’t appreciate how he’s looking at the camera like “ha ha look who she’s with now”. And grabbing her booty too!!! Thats just disrespectful knowing that they are going to take a picture and post it up all over the internet. He is stupid and she just wants to be loved but he seems like the cheating type so I wouldn’t get too excited yet.

  13. ola

    I think she likes “Bad Boys”, it’s quite disrespectful squeezing her behind like that in pubic fully aware there’s a cameraman taking pictures of them. I don’t think this is a better pick than chris. She isn’t that innocent, i hope she doesn’t get this one in jail. Run Matt Kemp run for your dear life.

  14. sharna

    she likes BAD BOYSS! (L).

  15. Springchokie

    Hw could she to Chris Bizzy?She’s a Hoe?i mean REALLY!!!!!!!!!

  16. Springchokie

    Her couple with Chris Brown was as good as ever,why can’t she 4give him,isn’t this enough punishment?she will neva get a stable loving man bcoz of what she is.Poor Chrisyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. shenia

    well i feel as if now ri ri can finally be happy because she has someone she can chillin wit to hold her down,not just for his money but for her career as a person,…..I am a all around rihanna fan and i dont care what she been though she will always and forever be my role model .

  18. shenia

    Chris Brown is not right in this situation and i feel as though rihanna is the one thats a victim not chris….chris was wrong 100% and i dont what no one says who his a woman is a punk on some real s***…..

  19. dana

    think she looks better with chris brown but who knows if she miss him or still love him.Kitty cat

  20. Braids

    Wow too bad she left cool boy chris, cos matt will trow a ball through her heart. Grabing her from the back shows he’s just with her for the record. to get down and lay down.

  21. Mandi

    they dont look good together

  22. abby

    i thin is nice if rihanna got new boyfr

  23. Daniel

    She loves Bad Boysss!

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