Cast of True Blood, at the Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand casino

May 4th, 2009 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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Actress Anna Paquin and her on- and off-screen boyfriend Stephen Moyers appear with other members of the HBO vampire television show, True Blood, at the Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


True Blood:
True Blood can be found on HBO with its 2nd season starting in June. The series follows a young barmaid named Sookie who can read minds and the small town she lives in. On the show Vampires have essentially come into mainstream society with the creation of a synthetic blood that the vampires can live on without having to feed off of humans.  In comes Bill Compton a polite vampire who fought in the civil war and whose family roots trace back to the small town. Bill and Sookie eventually hit it off but not without a few snags from friends, neighbors, enemies and vampires.  – Synopsis by Jody Pagliocco

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