Megan Fox Transforms into Hot !!

June 26th, 2009 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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After making the rounds on the morning show circuit, Megan Fox was spotted continuing her promotional efforts with a stop at the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City on Thursday (June 25). Looking quite sexy in a body-hugging black dress with her hair all done up, the “Transformers” beauty greeted a massive crowd of fans and posed for pictures before heading inside the Ed Sullivan Theater. As for her new film, “Revenge of the Fallen,” the movie has done more than well – pulling in $60.6 million on its opening day at the box office. That number makes it the highest money-earner for a midweek release, with only “The Dark Knight” making more in a single day at $67.2 million.


Megan Fox Transforms into Hot !!, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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10 responses

  1. soheil

    i really love she
    can i have more sexy pictures of her?
    be cause she is really really sexy

  2. Kirbin

    Megan Fox is absolutely stunning.
    I really love “Transformers Revenge of Fallen”. I’m anxious to see your next movie I don’t care which one as long as your in it babe.

  3. Anonymous

    hot you

  4. dd

    hi can i use the lower pic to make a digital portrait?

  5. Anonymous

    CuTTTe <3<3!!!

  6. Mizo

    I don’t see any speciality on her, she a normal actress, nothing special.

  7. Rio Rastelli

    she is really hottt i wnt to go out wth her


    Some people say that Megan did a poor job of acting in the transformers sequel.

    Let’s pretend I’m Donald Trump and I want my team to produce a good movie:

    Michael, I have e-mailed the previous successful director of the original transformers movie, and this sequel does not meet up to standards. I put you in charge to produce a good movie so why was this movie so cheesy?

    Micheal’s reply: “there’s lot’s of special effects”. That’s not what I was looking for- I was looking for a good theme with special effects- not some first episode of a TV series! But Megan is so sexy. That’s not what I was looking for- why are you focusing on Megan? Is she the one to blame for bad acting in this movie? “I have many years in this industry”. So what- that’s not what I’m looking for and you have failed to pay attention to what your audience is looking for- Michael- YOU’RE FIRED!!

  9. Anonymous

    megan fox is beautiful

  10. Anonymous

    whatever make up she is using i want it

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