Keanu Reeves has lunch on a park bench in Soho NYC

May 20th, 2010 by Celebrity Fan Girl
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Keanu Reeves has lunch on a park bench in Soho NYC

Keanu Reeves has lunch on a park bench in Soho, New York City. The actor, age 45 can not only play a hunk but a brooding one in real life too!. If you don’t know this heartthrobs back story he was once engaged , and together his fiance and him had a child that was stillborn in 1999, then in 2001 she passed away due to drunk driving. Both mother and daughter are buried together. Since then you rarely see Keanu Reeves linked to any women, currently the rumor mill is saying fellow actress Charlize Theron is currently in some sort of a relationship with him beyond the normal “friends” only time will tell, and hey they make a cute couple!

Keanu Reeves has lunch on a park bench in Soho NYC

Keanu Reeves has lunch on a park bench in Soho NYC, 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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6 responses

  1. Gail

    Leave the guy alone! Everyone needs down time and moments of reflection. If he was really depressed he most likely would not be out and confident enough to eat lunch alone on a bench!!


    WTF? Why the hell are these photos even published? What an asshole country we live in… That there are even people chasing these folks around, and that there are idiots waiting to see this shit on TV and in their supermarket rags and on the internet. If this was me I’d be a mass murderer by now.

  3. Dara

    I agree with the above posts. I think the fascination is that we think of celebrities as being superhuman living a lifestyle of wall to wall parties and glamour.

    They are just regular people like everyone else.

    Let the guy have his fucking lunch in peace.

  4. Miguel Lira

    Leave Keanu alone! He is just having lunch by himself, bothering no one, there should be laws against this kind of photos being published.
    Having lunch in a park bench is awesome! Go Keanu!

  5. boo cute

    give him more privacy…he’s just a human being just like we…

  6. marna

    Leave the guy be. He has a right to have lunch where he wants and in peace. Why don’t these celebs carry a camera around themselves and snap some pics of the paparazzi who keep hounding them?

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